Common Questions

Common Questions

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There are several benefits of heating with pellets instead of other fuel types such as gas or oil. Pellets are clean burning, renewable, affordable, and available in most geographic locations. Pellets also give the smell and ambience of burning wood without the cutting, stacking, and splitting of cordwood, making pellets a more convenient option for homeowners.

The pellets used to heat your home are most commonly made from a variety of woods and wood byproducts such as sawdust. These materials are compiled and compacted waste from industries such as lumber milling, wood construction, and sawmills. As a recycled product, pellets are an environmentally friendly energy source for your home.

To ensure that your wood pellets remain intact and in good burning condition, store them in a cool and dry place, protected from weather and high humidity. In most cases, it is best to store your wood pellets indoors rather than outside.

If kept in a cool, dry place away from moisture and humidity your wood pellets should not go bad. If they are improperly stored, or have been exposed to water, they can deteriorate and fall apart. Proper storage ensures that your pellets will last, should you have excess at the end of the season.

If you are trying to decide on a hearth product, there are several things to consider. First, you need to measure the area of the space you are trying to heat. This will help you determine the size of the appliance you need to get the job done. Secondly, you need to look into what venting options are available to you in your current space.

For more in-depth insight into choosing the perfect pellet appliance for your home, contact your local authorized Harman dealer today.

The answer to this question is dependent on the specific pellet stove model you have in your home. For product specific instructions on how to connect your thermostat to your pellet stove, refer to your owner’s manual. If you don’t have your owner’s manual on hand, visit our install and owners manual page.

Once you have determined that you can connect your pellet stove with your thermostat, you then want to place your thermostat on an interior wall about 5 feet from the floor. Ensure that you do not place your thermostat in the direct heat path of your stove, or near any windows.

In a word, yes! All current Harman pellet appliances are EPA certified. To see a list of all EPA certified pellet stoves, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website, found here.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

From improper airflow to slow burn or negative air pressure, there are numerous reasons why fireplace glass gets dirty. To properly diagnose your particular issue, consult an expert at your local Harman dealer. These experts are specially trained to provide you with the information and resources you need to both identify and fix the issue, so that your fireplace glass is no longer plagued with soot. Click here to find your nearest authorized Harman dealer.

Need specific information on how to clean fireplace glass? First, ensure that your glass has cooled to room temperature. For a light coating or small spots of soot, you should be able to effectively clean your glass by wiping down both sides of your glass with a soft cloth soaked in mild soap (without ammonia) and water. If you’re dealing with heavier soot deposits, use a ceramic glass-cleaning product such as Rutland White Off Glass Cleaner, Stove Bright Class Cleaner, or a product recommended by your local dealer. No matter what product you use, do not use an abrasive cloth or cleaner – these materials and products may cause your glass to scratch and shatter.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Harman product that cannot be rectified by information provided on this website it’s time to contact your local authorized Harman dealer. These experts can provide comprehensive Harman fireplace repair services, from diagnosing the issues to providing the necessary parts and service to have your product working like new. If you are unsure of your nearest dealer, click here.

In order to ensure that your appliance will continue working properly year after year, it is essential to have annual inspections conducted by a factory-trained professional. To schedule an inspection, contact your local Harman dealer. If you have questions as to your nearest dealer, click here.

To ensure that your pellet stove functions properly, it is important to conduct regular maintenance including removing ash; cleaning the burn pot, glass, heat exchanger, hopper, or pipe; and more. Because our products vary in size and components, consult your owners’ manual for specific instruction. If you cannot find your manual, you can find an online version here.

In many cases you can perform fireplace maintenance on your own, but for more complex services, it’s recommended that you hire a trained professional. For maintenance services like total stove and vent cleaning, contact your local Harman dealer. Looking for the contact information of your nearest dealer? Click here.

When using any fuel-burning appliance such as a pellet stove or fireplace, soot buildup is perfectly normal.

If you have cleaned out your firepot and you find hard buildup remaining, you most likely have nothing to worry about. This buildup is caused by impurities in your fuel, which means that it is not an issue with the operation of your appliance. Be sure to scrape any hard buildup off your firepot daily as you clean it. To avoid this issue, using a different brand of fuel may be necessary.

Never put any debris or pellets found in the ash pan back into your appliances hopper. This is to ensure your safety. Ash pan debris may contain embers, which could ignite the rest of the fuel in your hopper. Properly dispose of these pellets with the rest of the debris by emptying the ash pan into a metal container featuring a tight fitting lid. Keep this container away from any combustible materials at all times.

This specific problem can have several causes depending on your particular stove model. Whether your appliance is dirty, or your igniter is malfunctioning, you can find more detailed information on this issue and how to remedy it in your product manual. If you cannot find your manual, you can access an electronic copy here.

If your Harman product started up but then shut off unexpectedly, there could be several factors at play. Refer to your owners’ manual for specific information about what could be causing these shutdowns. If the problem persists, contact your local authorized Harman dealer.

As a safety feature, your appliance’s convection and combustion blowers will continue to operate even if your appliance is in the “OFF” position or your thermostat has been turned down. They will shut off once they no longer sense heat in the firebox, thus protecting your home from any unwanted re-ignitions.

If your appliance still does not shut down long after operation, contact your local Harman dealer. Do not unplug your appliance if this problem persists. Unplugging your stove can damage the appliance’s electrical components.

If your pellet stove is making a roaring sound during operation, you may have a problem with the balance of air and fuel inside your appliance. Sometimes this problem can be solved by cleaning your stove or adjusting the feed rate. Consult your product manual for more information regarding recommendations for your specific product.


You can find your appliance’s serial or model number by locating the rating plate. These are located in different positions depending on your specific model, but can generally be found either on the back of your stove or inside the appliance’s pedestal base. More specific instructions on locating your rating plate can be found in your installation manual. An electronic copy can be found here.

No, you do not need a traditional stone or brick chimney in order to install a pellet stove in your home. With that said, pellet stoves do require specific venting. To learn more about the code requirements for your area, contact your nearest authorized Harman dealer.

Harman pellet stoves require a 3” or 4” vent pipe for proper operation, depending on the model. Consult your product manual for specific information about your particular appliance.

This is a question that requires more detailed information about the condition of your current pipe and the requirements of your new stove. To get the help you need, please contact your nearest authorized Harman dealer. If you need help identifying your local dealer, click here.

You can install a pellet insert without an existing fireplace. In place of an existing hearth, you can use a Harman zero clearance cabinet. For more information regarding your options, contact your local Harman dealer for assistance.

Every home is different, as are the heating needs of homeowners. To learn more about the best pellet stove options for your home, contact the experts at your local Harman dealer. They can provide you with product details and information regarding installation.

Yes, all pellet stoves and appliances require floor protection of some type. To learn more about the specific floor protection requirements for your stove, refer to your product manual. If you cannot find your manual, an electronic version is available here.

The use of an Outside Air Kit may not be required in certain cases, but it is highly recommended in all installations. An Outside Air Kit feeds uninterrupted combustion air into your appliance from outside your home, helping to maintain proper air/fuel balance and ensure even burning.

Though these kits are not required in every installation, they may be required for your home. Outside Air Kits are required for all mobile/manufactured homes, and wherever local building codes require. To learn about the specific requirements in your area, contact your local Harman dealer.

The need for a permit when installing a pellet stove is dependent on where you live. To see if you are required to get a permit, contact your local building code enforcement or talk to an expert at your local Harman dealer. Either source will have information regarding what you need to do to install a pellet appliance in your home.


No, Harman Stoves only sells our products through our trusted network of authorized dealers. We do this to ensure that your products are installed and serviced to our exact standards, and so that you have a local expert nearby who has experience with your exact model as well as your unique needs. To find your nearest Harman dealer, click here.

You can find your exact warranty information in your product’s Installation and Owners’ manual. If you cannot find your copy of the manual, there is an electronic version available on this website. Follow this link to access a download.


If your Harman Stove has stopped feeding pellets, there could be several issues at play. To determine the specific problem, please contact your local Harman dealer. The experts at our authorized dealers will provide you with the information you need to have your stove working like new. To find your nearest authorized Harman dealer, click here.

Because our stove models differ in features and functionality, please consult your specific model’s manual for further assistance. If the problem persists, the experts at your local authorized Harman dealer can provide you with the troubleshooting and maintenance information that you need. To find the contact information of your local dealer, click here.

Place your room sensor probe in the room you would like to measure for temperature comfort. The probe should be placed about waist high in a location where it is not covered, hidden, or near a window or door.

For specific start up or shut down instruction, please consult your Harman product’s manual. If you cannot find your manual, you can access an electronic copy by following this link and selecting your model number.

In the event of a power outage your pellet stove will shut down and the fire within will continue to burn until it goes out on its own. Keep the appliance doors closed during this time so that any remaining smoke will remain in the stove and not inundate your home.

If your appliance was not being operated when you lost power, and you would like to use it, click here to see how you can turn on your appliance.

Pellet stoves are not designed to heat your entire home, instead they are room/zone heating appliances to provide heat to the immediate area in which they are located.

The amount of pellet fuel necessary to heat your room to the desired temperature is dependent on several factors. If you are heating a large room, or the outside temperature is extreme, you will end up using a larger amount of pellets. If you are concerned about the rate at which your stove is using pellets and you think there could be an issue with your appliance, contact your local Harman dealer.