Using Your Fireplace or Stove During a Power Outage

Few things can make you appreciate the convenience of modern living like losing power. With the severe winter weather expected to hit much of the East coast this week, losing power – and subsequently, heat -- may be a very real concern.

If you or a loved one is dealing with heat loss, know that you’re likely in good shape to generate heat during a power outage if you have a wood-burning stove or insert and plenty of cord wood on hand. If that’s not the case, consider a battery backup for your pellet stove or insert to ensure that your family stays safe and warm this winter.

Pellet stoves and inserts require electricity to light the flame, and many models are available with battery backup systems. An example is the Harman XXV-TC, which like all Harman pellet units offers a battery backup system as an accessory. This SureFire Battery Backup requires a 12 Volt deep cycle battery. Consult the owner’s manual for further requirements. Also, keep in mind that power outages can cause power surges that can damage circuit boards and motors. For this reason, it’s a good idea to unplug your pellet stove during a storm when it’s not in use, or plug it into a surge protector.

Another option for lighting your stove is to plug it into an inverter technology generator that produces a clean, stable, uninterrupted power voltage (steady state) that is proven safe for sensitive electronic devices. The generator must not drop below 110 Volts under load nor exceed 130 Volts without load.

Harman XXV

Batteries should be used as a power source only in the event of a power outage, as battery longevity can be affected by the temperatures of the appliance. When your power is restored, remove the batteries and keep them handy for the next time you may need them.

Remember that fireplaces and stoves make fire heat, so be sure no flammable objects are near them, and please keep children a safe distance away.

If your hearth appliance has been exposed to water in any level, please contact your local dealer. For your safety, Hearth & Home Technologies products that have been partially or completely exposed to water, whether by flood, hurricane or leaks should not be used. Click here for warranty information.

Battery backup instructions are available here.