5 Reasons to Love the Harman Wireless Room Sensor

For such a little sensor, our wireless room sensor packs a big punch. Consider the following: Zero cords, discrete, temperature control within one degree, two AA batteries and communication with your Harman stove or insert every 17 seconds. Easy, fuel-efficient and super-accurate heat: That’s our wireless room sensor.

1. Easy, Efficient & Out of Sight
Designed specifically to interact with a Harman stove, our wireless room sensor was also made to avoid hiding or running a wire and works with the Allure50, Absolute43, Absolute63, XXV-TC and Accentra52i-TC.

“It’s superior to anything else I have,” says Darren Copper of Coastal Farm in Oregon City, Oregon. There are other wireless receivers, he says, but they can be bulky and hard to hide, or they go in a holster on the wall, which means they’re forever getting misplaced.

“This one is small and fixed,” he says. “Everything else is on the touch control, so you can set it and program it from there. You don’t have to worry about losing it.”

Plus, installation is a breeze. “You can mount it within 30 feet of the stove, use the touch control on your stove or insert to check for signal strength and position. Basically, you just stick that on the wall where you want your temperature maintained.” Within a few short seconds, you can sync to your touch control and you’re good to go.

2. Constant Communication
A sensor that talks to your Harman every 17 seconds means that you have your home heated to the exact temperature you like it, all day every day. In fact, while some products have a three to five-degree swing in temperature, our Harman guarantees the most accurate temperature on the market: Within one degree.

And it communicates to you easily, too. If the light is green, everything is working. Amber? It’s doing a search. Red? It’s still searching, but in energy-saver mode, as it may be a prolonged power outage or accidentally unplugged.

Plus, just like a cell phone, it displays bars on the touch control that indicate the signal strength, so you can test different locations for the sensor’s placement or check to see that the sensor is getting a signal easily.

3. Protects from Power Outages
“A feature that’s pretty nice is that if it gets unplugged or there’s a power outage, it automatically resets,” Copper says.

That means if you’re at work when the power goes out, and you’re using the schedule feature, your wireless room sensor will automatically sense that power is restored and continue your prescheduled heat. The wireless room sensor automatically resets the time on the stove’s EASY touch control allowing the scheduling to pick up where it left off.

4. No Battery Life? No Problem.
There’s a warning on your touch control if your battery starts running low. If your batteries die, a backup sensor (mounted on the back of the stove) will continue to heat to your desired temperature. The location of the backup sensor means it will keep your temperature set in the area of the stove. Once sensor batteries are replaced, the sensor will automatically take charge, heating your desired space to your set temperature.

5. Just-Right Price
And for a superior product, Copper says, “the pricing is right in there,” $149. “This is top-tier,” he says. “People know it’s good quality.” Beyond that, Copper says, buying a Harman is an easy decision. “They’re simple—and people like simple.”

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