6 Reasons Spring is the Season to Buy a Harman

Spring can be wildly unpredictable when it comes to one’s home heating needs—one day can be 70 degrees and tulips are pushing through, and then the next you’re buried under a foot of snow.

Then, the battle of the wills begins: Do you fire up the furnace again? It could take days to heat your house, and could cost a fortune. After a long winter, it might be hard to think about sinking more money into a heat source when you’re ready for the sun’s rays to do the heavy lifting. But spring is a great time to manage your heat, your bills and to buy a Harman. Here’s why!

1. Bulletproof Your Heat Budget
No matter what, you can prepare for nature’s mood swings. If you’re heating with electric or oil and get a crazy week of snow in April, you have unexpected heating bills, higher than you expected because you don’t even think to be using at that point. But with pellets you know how much you are paying, so curveball weather patterns are less likely to cause stress.

2. Keep Costs Steady

Heat for a lifetime at a steady rate with pellets. Pellet costs have remained more stable than oil costs for more than two decades according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Heat fueled by propane, electricity and oil might save you some in a down year, but they can shoot up dramatically and leave you wishing for something more budget-friendly when utilities swing in another direction.

Consider it your fixed-rate loan instead of a variable one. In January of 2018, oil costs were 53 cents a gallon higher than the year before, and propane up 25 cents a gallon from 2017. You might not know what to expect with Mother Nature, but you will know what to expect from your Harman. And with our handy pellet heat fuel savings calculator, you can calculate your savings before you even begin the buying process.

3. Zone Heating FTW

Harman excels at zone heating. If you need to fire your stove up late in the season, you can expect nice, even heat in highly trafficked areas, like your living room or other congregational areas in your home.

4. Get Ahead of Oil Costs

Experts at the U.S. Energy Information Administration agree, year over year, oil costs are going to go up. While they may fluctuate seasonally or by region, as a whole, oil is a commodity that will continue to increase in price. The sooner you convert, the more time you’ll have to reap savings.

5. Buy Flexible Loads of Pellets for End of Season

While it’s common to buy a ton or two of pellets at a time to get you through winter, you can always buy pellets by the 40-pound bag. At the end of the season, you may find your local Harman dealer or local big-box store is looking to unload pellets at a sale price—bonus!

6. Get Up and Running Quickly
As the mercury drops in the fall and winter, Harman dealers get busy and schedules get packed, so spring is a great time to get on the installation schedule with your local dealer. And don’t fret about the installation taking loads of time. You can be up and running within a couple of hours, at most, half a day. So even if an anticipated cold snap might only be a week or two long, you could be up and running and toasty warm that whole time. Then, when fall rolls around, all you have to do is push a button and your Harman is back to work.

Ready to get heating your home with Harman? Check out all our options for pellet stoves here, and fireplace inserts here. Then sign up for a $100 coupon to use at your local Harman dealership!