8 Reasons To Love the P Series Pellet Stoves

The Harman P Series is well known as the “powerhouse of pellet stoves,” and for good reason. With three sizes (the P43, P61 & P68) there is one to fit every home, ranging in heat output from 43,000 BTU to 68,000 BTU. And the engineering is a marvel: Long-lasting and never misses a beat (or chance to heat). It’s a perfect entry to the world of Harman heating!

Here are eight reasons we love the P Series—and you will, too.

1. Longevity
“Harman’s P Series is the oldest continuing line I’m aware of in any pellet stove, anywhere. The longevity of the stove is one of its number-one features,” says Tad Tweed from Mace Energy Supply in Bethesda, Maryland. “I see motors over 10 years old, blowers that tend to last 10 to 12 years total, which is much longer than anything else I’m aware of.”

2. Reliability
There’s a history with the P Series: Some people have owned their stoves for more than 20 years. That’s approaching legendary status of flawless pellet heat.

Wayne Stritsman with Best Fire Hearth & Patio in New York says selling the P Series is a no-brainer. “When someone owns a P Series, I never have to worry about them not liking it or the stove not working. It’s pleasurable for the consumer and the dealer. I can trust that when they get it, they’re going to like it and it will last forever with minimal maintenance and services.”

3. Durability
The P Series “takes a beating and keeps on heating,” says Karen Smeltz, brand director at Harman. “Maintenance is the lowest of any of the pellet stoves in the industry.” Not to mention, says Stritsman, you can “buy fuel nearly anywhere because it’s a fuel-flexible product. It will tolerate poorer-quality fuel.”

4. Simple Installation
The P Series, with direct vent technology, is simple to install. No venting pipes are exposed in your home, just a three-inch pipe out the back wall. “It’s super easy and cheaper to install” Smeltz says. “Plus, it’s not an eyesore.”

5. Labor-Free Heat
Load the pellets, turn the dial and boom: You’ve got heat. Tweed says, “I have customers that come into the store that are in their older years, and they have burned wood for thirty years. They decide to convert because they feel too old to cut, split, haul and burn wood. They’re back in two weeks, saying they didn’t know why they didn’t do it 20 years earlier.” Plus large hoppers and ash pans mean you can burn more without emptying. “You can go about a month if you burn consistently, compared to every two days with wood,” says Smeltz.

6. ESP Technology
Evan Stritsman, Wayne’s son, also with Best Fire Hearth & Patio, says the ESP Technology, especially in the P43, “gives you an entry-level stove with high-end technology already built in. With other brands, you have to jump up two or three models to get those kinds of features.” Many of the competitor stoves at this level “only run is full bore or off. All gas or all brake. The P43 is truly unmatched in the industry.”

7. Easy to Clean & Service
Tweed says when the P Series needs service, it’s usually a snap. “It’s the easiest of all the pellet stoves to clean,” says Tweed. “Of all the Harman lineup it’s the easiest one to service the back. When we do annual service and cleanings, we take off a couple panels, and virtually everything is easy to get to. Customers are impressed that’s well thought out.”

8. Best Bang for Your Buck
So let’s say your criteria is to have three decades of pellet stove engineering excellence, premium features, reliability and durability, and a price that fits your budget. You need this volume of heat with the least possible price? All those criteria get checked off when you invest in a P Series. And the proof is with customers who have made the switch, too: “People who have owned other brands immediately come back and tell you of the great difference they’ve seen,” says Tweed.

Stritsman agrees. “It’s a higher price, but a lower cost,” he explains. “When you buy cheaper products you’re going to get a lot of aggravation, and it will be costly. A customer might buy a real entry-level stove, burn for two years, and decide they need to buy a Harman. There’s only two kinds of people in the world: People who want a Harman and people who have a Harman. It’ll cost you less in the long run, because you only buy it once.”

Ready to take the next step in adding P Series to your home? Contact your local authorized Harman dealer today!