Anatomy of an Intelligent Pellet Stove

High-efficiency Harman pellet stoves use patented technology to provide cost-effective, reliable heat that comes with intuitive controls and requires very little maintenance. And unlike furnaces, they also offer a mesmerizing flame to gather around! If you’re new to pellet heating and are wondering how it works, here’s a peek at what happens behind those gorgeous flames.

Hopper: This is where one to two 40-pound bags of pellets are poured in and held, waiting to be heated. What are pellets? Pellets are made of compressed sawdust. Lignin, a natural stickiness that results when you compress the sawdust, helps the pellet stick in shape.

Easy Touch Control: Set it and forget it (temperature that is!) with a few simple swipes. Our intuitive touchscreen operation allows you to keep your desired heat levels all day, every day—and the built-in programmable thermostat can help you conserve fuel and money!

Slide plate: Opens with the help of a pusher arm to gravity-feed the pellets to the auger which twirls the pellets horizontally toward the burn pot, the pellet’s final burning place.

Burn pot: A steel plate under which the igniter sits, ready to ignite the pellets as they are pushed up to be burned. Our Pellet-Pro System technology is patented and our burn pot remains the one to beat in our industry. It achieves an industry-leading performance and efficiency by maintaining the fire within a remarkable one degree of set temperatures by working in harmony with the Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP Technology) to constantly monitor temperature.

Automatic igniter: Seated directly under the burn pot, it lights the pellets aflame to create heat.

Sensors: Our Exhaust Sensing Probe and room sensors (including a wireless option!) can tell what the temperature is and regulate the flame by reducing, stopping or feeding more pellets to the burn pot to keep the heat even.

Have more questions about heating your home with a pellet stove? Connect with your local Harman dealer today to get their expert advice.