Burn Smarter: Get a Wood-burning Fireplace Insert

Do you love your wood-burning fireplace? Unfortunately, it may not love you back. It’s easy to love the ambiance and the comforting, crackling sound of the burning wood. But if it’s a masonry-built, “open” wood-burning fireplace, it’s highly inefficient – in the range of -15 to +15 percent (that’s really bad). And to make matters worse, while it’s burning, cold air is being drawn into your home through doors and windows.

But a simple fix can transform your fireplace into a wood heating powerhouse – and your wood pile will last longer.

The Fix: A Fireplace Insert
Meet the wood-burning fireplace insert. It will transform your inefficient, open-burning masonry built wood fireplace into a beautiful heat producer. And you don’t have to part with the crackles, aromas and comforts of burning wood.

As the name suggests, the insert fits directly into your existing fireplace – and it will greatly enhance your wood burning experience. EPA-certified wood fireplace inserts like the Harman 300i are a smart choice. They can be up to 78% efficient – a far cry from -15 to +15 you’re currently getting. This is made possible by Harman’s FireDome™ technology, which boosts performance and efficiency considerably.

And here’s the kicker. Some inserts can heat for more than 10 hours on a single load of quality wood! And because they burn so completely and efficiently, they expel minimal pollutants into the environment and there’s less ash for you to clean up.

The Details
The cost of an insert can be as low as $2,900 (actual costs vary by area of the country and model chosen). The insert firebox, which is installed into your current fireplace, has a stainless steel, flexible single liner/vent pipe that’s installed up your existing chimney, terminating at the top of chimney above the roof line.

For safe and reliable installation, we recommend professional installers certified by the National Fireplace Institute®. They will also obtain necessary permits and arrange required inspections. When choosing an insert, a professional Harman hearth dealer will offer the best guidance.

Upgrading your fireplace with an insert will save money on energy costs and wood, and will transform the look of your fireplace! See all the options here.