Creative Ideas for Decorative Pellet Containers

Most people store pellets in bags in the garage or outbuilding, or in a bulk hopper. It’s also handy to store a small pellet supply near your stove. The container you store them in can make a statement about your design preferences and style. There are many options – the key is choosing containers that either have a large opening for scooping pellets, or handles for pouring them out. Have fun with containers – get creative!

To get your ideas flowing, here are some ideas…

Antique Richness
Available at antique retailers and auctions, old relics like these accent stoves beautifully and make handy pellet storage containers near the stove.

Vintage copper boiler with lid

Wide top wooden bucket with side handles

Stainless steel milk pail with handles for pouring

Classic wooden water barrel

Chests: Old and New
Available new or as antiques, chests are lovely home accents that can double as sturdy pellet containers.

New wooden chest with riveted stainless steel accents

Vintage wooden chest with strap closures

Fun with Buckets
Metal buckets with handles offer a simple and utilitarian option for storing pellets - and the come in many fun colors. Buy several and get colorful!

Brassy Décor
Containers made of brass say "classy" in a tasteful kind of way.

Large ornate copper bowl

Rounded copper bowl with wide top

Rich Ceramic Beauty
In addition to being creative, artful room accents, large ceramic bowls make great pellet containers.

Ornate ceramic container

Simple round ceramic bowl

Practically Trashy
Containers traditionally used for waste can double as functional pellet containers.

It's shiney, it works and has utilitarian character

Colorful foot-operated trash bins are practical - unembellished

You see, choosing a container for storing pellets can be creative and fun. You can even buy more than one and change things up occasionally! Happy container shopping from all of us at Harman.