Harman Fans & Their P Series Stoves: A Love Story

When it comes to heating your home, reliability is of utmost importance. One stove that delights homeowners for the long haul? Harman’s P Series. But don’t just take our word for it! Our Facebook fans love sharing the many reasons why they adore these durable, classic pellet stoves. (To read a complete run-down of why pros and their customers love the P Series, head here!)


“My P61 is nine years old. She's a beast! Not letting these Maine temps get her down...”

—Johnny Jones

“Eighteenth season with my P61. I have replaced some parts over the years, but I will burn this old girl until I can’t get parts anymore or she gets a hole in her. Then, I will buy another one!!”

—Jonathan Lindsey

“My P43 is heavy duty and 10 years old. Still working like new.”

—Michael Diller

“I heat a 40 x 75-foot garage with a 17-year-old P61. Love that old Harman!”

—Larry Miller

Return on Investment

“We’ve been heating with the P68 for five years. Best purchase we ever made. You pay top dollar for them but they are the Cadillac of the pellet stoves. 5 star.”—Patrick Mente

“These Harman stoves are the best. I have been heating my entire house for 20 years, for about $500 a year. New England winters. That's hard to beat.”

—William Fowler

“Love our Harman! Well worth every has paid for itself! We will buy another, once our log home is finished being built.”

—Kimberly Kirby

 “I had my Harman stove for 21 years and it works great! You get what you pay for. This stove will last another 20 years!” —James Agens

Easy to Maintain

“I have two Harman Stoves, and they are no. 1 in my book. Excellent heat and easy to clean. If anyone I know starts talking pellet, I push Harman Stoves. Before buying a Harman, I looked at other stoves and didn't like that I would have to clean them every other day. Other brands were also too big and bulky. Keep up the great work Harman!”

—Mike Matthews

“I love this stove’s ease of maintenance, and it heats my whole house.” 

—Glen Soules

“Great stove, simple to operate. I have had mine 12 years and I love it.”

—Darren Lund

Powerful Home Heating

“We are on our 14th winter with ours. Love this machine! It’s the only heat source for our Iowa house! If she ever dies we will be getting another Harman but she is still going strong so that won’t be for a while yet! Wouldn’t buy any other brand!”

—Tracy Yezek Van Sabben

“I’ve had a P68 for five years or so. I burn up to six tons some winters, can't beat it. I heat my whole house with it and it's a big farm house.”

—Kim Koboski

“I love my Harman P61 pellet stove. I have in rec room downstairs and it heats the upstairs with no problem. Awesome stove.”

—Edward Diction

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