In 1979, Dane Harman designed and built a stove to heat his home. It heated so well that his neighbors asked him to build one for them too. Dane agreed and was soon so overwhelmed with orders that within a short time, he outgrew the garage and decided to build what is now known as the Harman Stove Company.

Throughout the years, Harman's uncompromising vision has forged a brand of premium wood, pellet and coal products that are "Built to a standard, not a price." Now with over 40 stove models, several patents and continuous operation for over 30 years, Harman remains an undisputed leader in stove manufacturing.

Distinctive, powerful and responsible engineering make Harman stoves, inserts and central heating units unlike any other. Here's a glimpse at the Harman XXV-TC:

Harman XXV
This superior pellet stove offers powerful, even heating and easy maintenance in a distinctive cast iron design. The XXV quietly produces up to 50,000 BTUs. Burning any grade of pellet, it can precisely maintain set temperatures within 1 degree.

How it Works
See how Harman stoves achieve precision temperature control in this short video.

An uncompromising commitment to quality is evident in every Harman.