National Cocoa Day

National Cocoa Day is Friday, December 13 this year. That’s right, there’s a special day set aside when we are supposed to take time to enjoy the delicious hot beverage. And we should. It’s cold out and nothing warms a body faster than sipping cocoa in the warmth of a stove or fireplace. Everyone knows that.

But here’s something you may not know; a bit of National Cocoa Day history. Monkeys beat us to the punch and discovered the tantalizing qualities of cocoa before we did. Somewhere in South America about 1,500 years ago, we observed monkeys consuming the pulp of cacao plants. And we knew they were on to something. Fast forward a few hundred years and we started making cocoa from the dried and fermented seeds of the cacao tree. Hence the significance of National Cocoa Day.

So this Friday night, why not fire up your fireplace or stove and mix up some tasty hot cocoa? And don’t just drink cocoa – dress it up! The holidays are coming and peppermint was made for cocoa. So throw in a candy cane for a colorful twist, or perhaps add some peppermint schnapps if you want to DO the twist.

Whatever your mood, enjoy National Cocoa Day! From all of us at Harman.