Our Favorite Elements of Traditional Style

If you read magazines or interior design blogs and websites, today’s home design trends seem to be all about modern or industrial chic styles. So much so that you might think couches you can really sink into or matching chairs around a dining room table, have no place in dream homes. Truth be told, traditional style is still popular and is appealing for many reasons. If you’re looking for traditional house design ideas, here are some of our favorite elements.

Neutral, Warm Hues
Traditional home trends are underscored with neutral, warm colors that say “welcome.” Loud and edgy colors don’t mix well with this style. From the paint colors, to the deep hues of flooring and character of the woodwork, we love the stately feeling of traditional homes. Wall colors of tan, beige, or perhaps a light mauve or pale blue are desirable. According to Houzz, even slightly brighter colors like fuchsia or turquoise can work on a limited basis, such as an accent wall, as long as you pair them with a more subdued shade and traditional accessories.

Woodwork tends to be the hallmark of traditional homes. Crown molding, chair rails, judges paneling, six- and eight-panel doors and built-in cabinetry convey a rich feeling of warmth. While you might think stained finishes prevail here, white painted millwork is also popular. When stained, distinctive species like mahogany, cherry, walnut and other deep hardwoods lend luxury to the setting, as do darkly finished wood floors and stairway railings.

Refined and comfortable best describe true traditional-style furniture. Colors tend to be neutral and complementary of the flooring and walls. Pillows are almost always on the couch to bring accent colors into the room. Side chairs come in pairs and often have a pattern and texture that adds variety. Living rooms are arranged for conversation while keeping with the style’s symmetrical foundation.

Two precisely placed floor lamps, a single piece of artwork over the mantel, a vase or candles on the coffee table, area rugs. These accessories complete the classic traditional look. Window treatments may not even be necessary if you want to show off rich wood window frames or divided lite bars. On the other hand, windows may be outfitted with lush draperies that make a statement.

Fireplaces and Stoves
One functional accessory that adds the most warmth to a traditional styled home is a Harman stove or fireplace insert. Naturally the focal point in the room, a stove is the ultimate addition to any traditionally-styled home. If your house has an open, masonry-built fireplace, consider giving it a facelift with a wood or pellet insert.

When it comes to home design trends, the style that makes you happy and comfortable is the perfect style for you. Mix and match, if you’d like. At the end of the day, you want a home that you look forward to returning to each day.