Pellet Stoves: Not All are Created Equal

So, you’re thinking about buying a pellet stove. It’s probably not something you’ll do more than once or twice in your life. And after it’s installed, it’s not easy to go back and change it. So research is an important step to ensure it’s easy to operate, efficient and, of course, a beautiful complement to your home. Well, you happen to be in the right place right now, since we are the pellet stove experts!

One of the most important considerations when buying a pellet stove is technology. Today’s pellet stoves are quite different from those your parents or grandparents had! Many have much higher efficiencies and are a lot easier to operate and maintain. But not all stoves fit into this category, so choose wisely! And don’t forget that once you’ve locked in on a stove, it’s equally important to make sure it gets installed properly.

Pellet Stove Technologies 101
Innovative technologies have made pellet stoves highly efficient, convenient and easy to use. Some stoves, such as the Harman P68, are 86 to 87% efficient. And with high efficiencies like that, some models can produce heat for nearly 24 hours on a single hopper of pellets, costing as little as $3 a day.

Harman P68

Examples of technologies that enable high efficiencies and easier maintenance are Harman’s Pellet Pro System™ and Exhaust Sensing Probe™. Click on the hyperlinks to learn about them and see brief videos.

Proper Installation is Important
To ensure safe and efficient operation, your stove should also be installed properly. We recommend hiring a professional installer certified by the National Fireplace Institute®. In addition to being certified to do the job right, these installers will obtain necessary permits and arrange any required inspections.

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