Storing Your Pellets (in Style)

Most people store bulk quantities of pellets in a garage, outbuilding, or in a bulk hopper, but for daily use, it’s handy to have a stash near the stove. There are many container options, so you can choose one that fits with your style and home design. Containers can be fun, so get creative!

Rustic and Traditional

Made of Vermont pine, this classic wooden hinged box will store five cubic feet of pellets.

Antique stainless steel milk pails like this one are beautiful relics form the past, and have handy handles for pouring.

Copper is a lovely material that adds a rich element to any room.

Practial and Utilitarian

Metal trash bins with flip lids make great storage containers for pellets, and the foot-operated lids are handy.

Metal buckets with handles and lids offer a simple and colorful option for storing pellets. Buy a few in different colors that fit your décor!

As you can see, containers for storing pellets can be many shapes and sizes! Happy container hunting from all of us at Harman.