Take Home a Harman: Buy the Best, Leave the Rest

Once you develop an exceptional product and stand behind selling it every day, it’s easy to understand the whys and wherefores of cost and value.

But big-box sellers are great at figuring out the surface-level magic and marketing it to consumers, and consumers are left with the burden of research and balancing their needs with their budget. (And sometimes left with a not-so-happy-ending.) We get that. That’s why we want to provide some insight into just what makes a Harman, a Harman. And why it makes sense to bring a Harman into your home.

Think of it as a test-drive. A Consumer Reports of sorts. Coke vs. Pepsi? More like Folgers crystals vs. Starbucks. A clunky Yugo vs. a sleek Tesla. Invest and reap the rewards of a smooth, satisfying experience—for life.

The Touch
Chad Curtis of Earth Sense Energy Systems, Inc. compares it this way: “Think about walking into a high-end hotel or office building, and they have beautiful glass-and-wood entry door. When you push it open, it’s heavy and operates smoothly and closes firmly. Then, think about the hollow closet door in your college dorm room.” It’s a completely different experience, once you have the opportunity touch it and feel it. “We literally put the pieces in the customer’s hands to show them the difference,” he says.

Not only does Harman offer a wide range of products, all of the products are made with the “extra engineering and materials that make it perform to a higher level.” In fact, he says, selling a Harman is easy once customers compare the heft of the Harman burn pot to a more big-box style burn pot. “It’s like hoisting a ream of computer paper to a stack of Post-It Notes,” he says.

The Tech
There’s simply no comparison when it comes to the technology that we offer on our models. Curtis notes, “The heating performance is going to be a key factor and the reliability. This unit is going to start and run and do what it’s supposed to do day in and day out. Why? “Harman is uncompromising it its construction, which leads to longevity,” he says.

Most obviously, this comes up in the heating controls. “This is not just lo-med-hi,” he says. “Harman comes with built-in programmable thermostats, whisper mode, scheduling. You don’t find those features in other products.”

The Service
Buying a Harman will provide you with a better shopping, experience, too, Curtis notes. There’s a difference in the level of attention you’d get at a big-box store versus a hearth retailer.

“This is what the hearth retailer does,” Curtis says. “That means they understand the product, the installation, the fuel for the product, any servicing that needs to be done on the product, and they can take care of you after the sale.” They stock the parts, and the parts are available to be stocked, in case you do run into a technical issue.

Big box retailers? If you have any issues (and, you will, eventually) you’ll be referred to a service desk, where you’ll then be referred to call the manufacturer. Parts may or may not be available. No one is likely going to come to your house to help you. Meanwhile, you don’t have heat.

Larry Miller, owner of Heart Line Stove Shop in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, agrees. “Big box stoves don’t have a ghost of service assistance.” He notices Craigslist and grocery store bulletin boards are “peppered with stoves” for sale. “Quality, value and service wins over ‘save a buck and pray,’” strategy, he adds.

By the way, Curtis says, those coming in for service or trading in their Harman? Always are trading up for the latest technology on the newest Harman models. Those coming in to trade up on their big-box styles? Trade up to Harman.

Sometimes it’s worth making the investment up front for something that will pay for itself over time. We make Harman stoves to be just that.

To connect with an authorized Harman dealer in your area, head here.