The Heating Solution You Need to Know About Before this Winter

It’s July and you may not want to think about this right now, but here’s the deal – winter is coming. It won’t be long before the furnaces come on and we start looking for ways to stay warm.

If you want to live in a more eco-friendly manner, you aren’t alone. The number of households that want to reduce their carbon footprint is on the rise. Many of them have discovered the benefits of heating with pellets, and every year the number grows.

A Greener Way to Heat: Pellets
Pellets are a renewable fuel. They are made of compressed sawdust, wood chips, bark and other materials derived from plants – transforming resources that could end up in landfills into green energy. Pellets are low-carbon, so by heating with them, you’re contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Pellet Stoves and Fireplace Inserts: The Appliance
Pellets are burned in beautiful freestanding pellet stoves or fireplace inserts, which easily become the focal point of any room. The fuel is very dense and the appliances are remarkably efficient, so you’ll be emitting low outside air particulates – much lower than if burning cordwood in EPA-certified wood stoves. There’s very little ash to clean up, and they don’t generate chimney creosote. They burn very clean and they are safe. You can see all the options for Harman pellet stoves and inserts here. When on a product page for a stove or insert that appeals to you, click on Design and Price to get to our online design tool – go through the steps to see what it will look like in your room.

Money: Savings
Using pellets to heat all or part of your home is also an intelligent decision financially, especially when you compare it to heating with fuel oil or propane. Use our pellet fuel savings calculator to see what you could save.

Do you already Have a Pellet Stove? Here’s How to Keep it Operating its Best.