The Secret to Amazing Wood Fires? Technology

If you’ve had the opportunity to bask in the glow of a Harman wood-burning stove, you know they are the ultimate in home comfort and warmth. That’s because Harman Stoves are packed with powerful technology that helps you get the most heat and BTUs out of every piece of cordwood you haul, stack and load. But what does that technology consist of and how does it work? Let’s open the hearth and take a look.

Harman FireDome technology maximizes efficiency and extends burn times—for up to 17 hours of even heat with each load of wood. It produces two combustion cycles that completely burn the wood, smoke and exhaust for super-efficient fires. FireDome also keeps the viewing area clean by directing airflow between the glass and the fire. In addition, it’s non-catalytic, so the system does not degrade in performance over time. Want to see it in action? Watch this video about FireDome:

Renewable Zone Heating
By heating your home with wood, you are utilizing a renewable fuel instead of fossil fuel. But there’s more. You can zone heat the rooms where you spend the most time with your stove and reduce your dependence on fossil fuel even more.

Here’s how it’s done: Most homes have central furnaces that push large amounts of heated air through the duct system – they’re designed to heat the whole house equally. With zone heating, you reduce energy consumption (and your heating bill) by simply turning down the central thermostat and using your wood stove to heat your main living areas. If your home has a large footprint, many stoves will heat big areas, like the Harman TL300 wood stove.

So why wait any longer? Fall is the perfect time to recycle your old, inefficient wood-burning stove and replace it with a new Harman. Instead of spending time doing this…

You can spend more time doing this…