Which Pellet Stove or Fireplace Insert is Right For You?

When purchasing a pellet appliance, it’s important to consider the size to get the desired heat along with the style and control to match the look of your house and the convenience you’re after.


To determine how much heat you’ll need, it’s best to consult with a local Harman dealer. Too big a unit and you’ve spent more than what you needed and you’ll have too much heat for your room, making it uncomfortable. Too small and it won’t give you the heat you need.

Also consider the space, layout and insulation of your home. Your Harman dealer can help confirm the size that meets your heating needs. Here are some basics to get the right size of unit.

  • Square footage: Measure the space you’re going to heat (e.g., 1,200 sq. ft.)
  • Home insulation: The better your home is insulated, the less heat needed from your stove or insert
  • Fireplace opening for pellet inserts: Measure the length, width and height to see what size is best
  • Clearance to combustibles: Ask how far your unit should be from walls and combustible materials like furniture, and if you need floor protection

If you’d like to see how much you can save by switching to pellet heat, check out our Pellet Fuel Savings Calculator.


Whether you want to preserve your home’s more traditional look or give it a tasteful update, Harman has you covered.




Cast iron with ornate detail and curved, symmetrical lines for sophistication; wide base that replicates old-style pedestal.

The best of both worlds with simple, graceful styling and clean profiles.

Sleek, streamlined steel-crafted surface with understated detail but enough to accent your home.

Stoves: XXV-TC, P43, P61a, P68, Accentra

Stoves: Absolute43, Absolute63

Stoves: Allure50

Inserts: Accentra52i-TC





Make sure you have an easy way to maintain consistent room temperatures and not come home to a cold house. Harman’s EASY Touch Control and Dial Control can’t be beat.

EASY Touch Control

Dial Control

  • Easy: Lets busy families program the thermostat to heat their space automatically with an intuitive touchscreen and built-in schedule
  • Accurate: Keeps desired heat levels all day long and saves fuel with the scheduling feature and optional Wireless Room Sensor
  • Smart: Monitors performance and tells you when maintenance is needed
  • Yearly Savings: Cuts heating bills with best-in-class technology
  • Perfect if you want to adjust heat settings manually
  • Color coded for quick settings
  • Simple to use

Available with: P43, P61a, P68, Accentra, P35i


Why Harman? High quality and standard features.

  • Largest pellet hoppers and ash pans: Quick, easy maintenance gets you back to the things you enjoy! We supersize our pellet hoppers so you don’t have to fill them as often, and our ash pans so you only need to empty them as little as once a month.
  • PelletPro™ feeder systemAdd your pellets, set your temp and walk away thanks to our patented system that allows you to burn any grade of pellet fuel for maximum heat, provides bottom-up feeding that burns each pellet completely, and enables you to do basic cleaning while it is burning for 24-hour heating.
  • Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) technology: Continually adjusts heat output to keep your room temp within one degree of where you set it.
  • Flame-reactive mirrored glass: Enjoy the ambiance of your stove or insert whether it’s in use or not thanks to mirrored glass that becomes invisible when there are flames in the firebox.
  • Enduring quality: From fit and finish to market-leading technology, you’ll get the most for your money with Harman premium pellet stoves and inserts that are “built to a standard, not a price.”

Find the pellet stove or insert that’s right for you.

Visit your local dealer to learn more.