Why You’ll be Enjoying Your Pellet Stove for Years to Come

Built to a Standard, Not a Price

The perfect balance of easy maintenance, even heat, long burns and distinctive features place Harman wood pellet stoves in a league of their own. We stand by those promises, making quality a top priority and going the extra mile to make sure your home is warm for years to come.

Colin recently wrote us to share his experience with Harman heat. What he found out was that Harman Stoves not only sells superior heating appliances, but that we are here to help once they’ve left the showroom and entered your home as well.

Read what Colin had to say about his Accentra pellet stove.

To whom it may concern,

I traditionally do not write these letters, but sitting here on a cold March morning, watching my Harman Accentra fire up, I am reminded of the 10 years this stove has heated the 2 floors of my house. It has done so reliably and effectively, therefore I would like to share my satisfaction with your product.

While I did have an issue within the first few years of buying the stove (just within the factory warranty), Harman corrected the issue by replacing the stove, at no cost to me. Not only that, you needed to arrange another of your dealers, as the one I bought from was no longer in business. I believe a company doesn't need to only have a quality product; but also needs to take care of their customers after the sale, you did so.

Know that my next stove will be a Harman. Keep up the quality and customer service and feel free to share this letter.

Colin M.

Have a Pellet Stove? Here’s How to Keep it Operating its Best so that you can enjoy it year after year like Colin.