Why Harman

Why Harman

In 1978, Dane and Gloria Harman struggled to make ends meet because of high electric heating costs, so Dane used his welding and design skills to make his first wood stove. A year later, Harman Stoves was established in a small building beside their home.

Over the past 39+ years, Harman® has designed multiple patents, won multiple Vesta awards in five fuel categories, and received accolades for business growth. The patented PelletPro™ System and burn pot propelled Harman to the forefront of pellet technology, and today remains unmatched.

Home is where the heart is, and for Harman that will always be Halifax, Pennsylvania. In 2007, Harman joined the Hearth & Home Technologies® family, bringing with it the dedication to performance and engineering excellence that has been a promise since Dane first set in motion Harman’s journey of entrepreneurial energy and innovation.

In 1980, Dane created the tagline “Built to a Standard, Not a Price” and we will not waiver from this promise. Harman products are heating solutions built to withstand the test of time with reliable warmth and aesthetic elegance. Each and every product is premised on optimal performance and engineering excellence. We use American component suppliers, enabling us to build our products with uncompromising quality, and pride ourselves on design principles that never go out of style.

Harman products are true heating powerhouses. Accurate, powerful heat is of ultimate importance, and we’ll continue to push boundaries to reduce maintenance.

Harman has an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation that positions our products at premium status. Our technologies are industry exclusives, and our engineers design each component to an immaculate fit, feel and finish.

Today, Harman has premium pellet models. We continue to focus on developing revolutionary heating solutions for the biomass market.